Wonders of Nature


A unique experience: The Gasometer in Winter

It’s a unique experience to visit the Gasometer in the cold season. Enjoy the 117.5 m tall giant and its current exhibition in a calm and quiet atmosphere. On average, it is less crowded than in the other months of the year – but also much colder. When planning your visit, please bear in mind that it is not possible to heat this industrial monument. Wear suitable cloths and you will have a great experience in an outstanding landmark of the Ruhr Area.

Our tip: Fast track to the “Wonders of Nature“ with online tickets

Purchase your tickets online and skip the waiting queues for the current blockbuster exhibition ”Wonders of Nature”. Online tickets are available with Ticketmaster

Air Liquide and "Wonders of Nature"

Sponsoring partner Air Liquide supports the exhibition "Wonders of Nature". See their website to learn why the "Wonders of Nature" is important to the company.
"Everything began with Oxygen" (German only)