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Space for the big experience

The really big experience in Oberhausen's Gasometer:

The 'industrial cathedral' provides a spectacular ambiance for extraordinary concerts and theatre productions, events and fairs, conferences and company celebrations. With a height of 117.5 metres and 68 metres in diameter, the Gasometer in Oberhausen is the largest disc-type gas holder in Europe. Since its conversion into an exhibition and event hall, the Gasometer has provided a total of 7,000 square metres on several levels -- including the unique atmosphere.

It is more than 100 metres from the ring (20 metres in diameter) on the third level up towards the roof. It is the stage for artists and speechmakers, show effects and spectacular productions of supra-regional significance. The adjacent terraced grandstand provides space for 500 spectators. By different sub-divisions over the useful area, events with from 100 to 1500 persons are possible - the size of the useful area depends on the particular current exhibition.

Besides the changing exhibitions, fascinating events - including outside productions by Oberhausen Theatre, concerts, film productions, installations and lectures - have repeatedly benefited from the unique spatial experience of the huge industrial monument. A multiple echo generated by the matt steel walls, the incident daylight in combination with the installation 'Light Sky' by the Berlin artist Christina Kubisch and the certainty of being at a place which once fulfilled exclusively industrial purposes makes every event here something special. Moreover, the three panoramic platforms on the roof of the Gasometer provide a wonderful view of the western Ruhr. They can be reached via the panoramic lift in the interior of the Gasometer, via an external lift or via the 592 steps of the outside stairs.

Not least the Gasometer is ideally linked with the transport network. Two motorways, a local public passenger transport route, the Rhine/Herne Canal and charge-free car parks are located in the immediate vicinity.

Come and get an impression yourself of the Gasometer as the location for an event! We invite you to come to visit the Gasometer and to let yourself be fascinated on the spot. You can fix an appointment with and also obtain further information from our event manager Sascha Bast by dialling +49 208.85 037 34 or by e-mailing to the address