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The Call of the Mountains

The upcoming exhibition 2018 in the Gasometer Oberhausen: 16 March - 30 December 2018

Mountains. Homes of the gods. Extreme habitats. The ultimate challenge for adventurers and conquerors. Places of retreat for mystics and monks. Places of yearning for romantics, walkers and admirers of nature.

Mountains do not exist for ever. They are created over millions of years by collisions between tectonic plates and are destroyed once more by the powers of erosion.
“The Call of the Mountains” is the title of the coming exhibition that will be opening in the Oberhausen Gasometer on 16. March 2018. It will display the variety inherent in the extraordinary world of mountains and speak about the fascination that mountains exert over people. It will enable us to comprehend the eternal cycle of rock and will use unique film extracts and photos to show visitors how massive mountain ranges containing their own flora and fauna have been created over millions of years.
The exhibition will enable visitors to be a part of legendary first ascents of the most famous mountain peaks on Earth, as well as providing them with information on supreme triumphs and dramatic failures. In addition it will tell of thousands of years of traditional reverence with which people have confronted the mountains. They were genuine places of religious homage, retreats and solitary seclusion, full of myths and secrets.


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