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The audio guide to the exhibition "The Fragile Paradise"

Screaming people, fleeing animals and in the background an ominous bubbling and hissing. What does a volcanic eruption feel like? What does the concentrated, destructive force of nature do to us? Sounds, language and tones convey emotions and intensify the experience. Good reasons for the Oberhausen Gasometer to expand the visitors' horizon of experience with audio tours for its spectacular reopening with "The Fragile Paradise". Spoken by Christian Brückner - the German voice of Robert De Niro.

Audio Experience Earth

In the new exhibition "The Fragile Paradise", guests can immerse themselves in the irrepressible beauty of the earth through multimedia. Award-winning photographs, breathtaking film clips, the latest 3D technology and, of course, the high-resolution satellite images on the 20-metre globe visualise the history of our planet - but also the destructive influence of man on his environment. This unique experience is supported by audio guides. Easy to use - like holding a telephone to your ear - they guide you through the visually stunning show in Europe's highest exhibition hall and provide even more direct access to what you are seeing.

The audio guide app for smartphones for the exhibition "The Fragile Paradise"

Robert De Niro up close

The Gasometer is used to superlatives and the audio tours are no exception. Christian Brückner - dubbing voice of Hollywood stars such as Peter Fonda, Gary Oldman or Robert Redford - was won for the sound recordings for "The Fragile Paradise". In a total of 37 audio stations, Brückner, who was awarded the Adolf Grimme Prize Special in Gold, guides visitors through the exhibition - from Pompeii to the rainforest to the Nevada desert. In an entertaining and informative way, listeners learn about the immense powers of the leaf-cutter ants in Costa Rica, the cute Himalayan marmot or the prizzly, a cross between a polar bear and a grizzly first sighted in 2006. All with probably Germany's best-known voice close to your own ear.

Accompanying the exhibition "The Fragile Paradise", the Audioguide offers further information and exciting stories about selected exhibits. The audio guide is available in German, English and Dutch and can be borrowed directly on site for a fee of 3 euros. An audio guide for children is also available in German for 2 euros.

Alternatively, the audio guide is also available as a smartphone app for iOS and Android in the respective app stores - with costs. We recommend downloading the app before your visit to the Gasometer.

The audio guide app for iOS smartphones for the exhibition "The Fragile Paradise"
The audio guide app for Android smartphones for the exhibition "The Fragile Paradise"