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Our offer for school classes

The exhibition "The Fragile Paradise" offers a wide range of possibilities to accompany lessons. We offer individual guided tours for your school classes for €50 (German-language) or €60 (foreign-language), plus the admission fee of €4 per person in class. Class tickets are only available at the ticket office. The maximum group size per guided tour is 30 participants.

Offer 1: Guided tour standard (60 min.)
The standard guided tour for school classes lasts around 60 minutes and is suitable for pupils of all school types. The guided tour in dialogue format includes a tour of the lower level of the Gasometer with the focus on "The Earth as Planet of Life" and a tour of the 2nd level on the topic "The Anthropocene - The Age of Man". By arrangement, school- and lesson-related thematic focal points can be set.  

Offer 2: Focus tour: "English Language" (60 min.)
In addition to the possibility of booking foreign-language tours as part of a school exchange, the guided tour Standard is also offered in English for German school classes. The offer is primarily aimed at basic and advanced English courses at secondary level 2.

Offer 3: Thematic tour "Industrial culture and structural change" (60 min.)
The one-hour guided tour "Industrial Culture and Structural Change" is primarily aimed at pupils in secondary schools 1 and 2. Participants can expect, among other things, a historical outline of the development of the Ruhr region in the 19th and 20th centuries with a focus on "Structural Change after the End of the Coal and Steel Industry". The history and technology of the Gasometer industrial monument will also play an important role. Afterwards, participants can expect a short tour of the lower and upper floors with general information on the individual subject areas of the exhibition "The Fragile Paradise".

After the guided tour, all participants will have the opportunity to gather individual impressions, for example during the

  • virtual 3D experience Tumucumaque (lower floor)
  • Listening to the expert holograms (upper floor)
  • Exploring the small globes (upper floor)
  • Visiting the earth sculpture (air space)
  • Visiting the observation deck (roof)

Tour enquiries should be sent by email to Simone Schwering at For queries and advice, please call 0208.299 4602.

In addition, we offer pupil rallies (only in German) that can be organised independently by school classes. You can access the questionnaires online.
Accompanying teachers can obtain the corresponding answer sheet at the Gasometer ticket office.

Primary school rally 1st-3rd grade - in German

Pupil rally 4th-6th grade - in German

Please note that when visiting with your school class, pupils' bags and rucksacks must be handed in together at the cloakroom.

Our request to accompanying teachers: Do not leave your class unattended when visiting the Gasometer!