The Gasometer


With its five million inhabitants, Germany's largest conurbation has changed its appearance dramatically over the last few years and decades. Where formerly the coal and iron and steel industries left their mark on a whole region, new structures, economic sectors and competences have long since emerged. All around the Gasometer there today is a wide-range of leisure activities on offer – with culture and sports, shopping and entertainment.

The Gasometer is located in the western part of the exciting region known as the Ruhr Area and at the geographical centre of the city of Oberhausen. It is here that the New City Centre of Oberhausen has sprung up. The shopping and leisure centre CentrO. is the biggest of its kind and forms the heart of the new city centre, called 'Neue Mitte'. Over a sales area of approximately 70,000 square metres and in more than 200 shops an international shopping flair prevails. 23 million people from within Germany and from abroad visit CentrO. each year. In the immediate vicinity is the König Pilsener Arena. Up to 12,500 spectators enjoy concerts and shows, sports events and parties there. The CentrO. Park provides recreation and fun for grown-up and little visitors. Only a few metres away cinemas, restaurants and the Metronom Theatre provide the best in evening entertainment. And right next to the Gasometer, the tightrope garden 'tree-2-tree' invites you to adventurous tours up into the treetops.

The cultural highlight in the vicinity is the Oberhausen mansion - which gave the city its name - with its art gallery called Ludwig Galerie. There are also historical traces to be found. The „cradle of Ruhr industry“ is only a short hop away: the St. Antony-Hütte, which is a museum and an industrial-archeological excavation site. The Rhineland Industrial Museum (RIM) impressively shows the development from the beginning to the heyday of industrialisation.

In the closer surrounding is the Duisburg-Nord Landscape Park with its decommissioned mills and the coal mine Zollverein in Essen, which is UNESCO-World Cultural Heritage since 2001.When you are planning your journey of discovery, Tourismus & Marketing Oberhausen GmbH and Ruhrgebietstouristik will be pleased to give you further help.