One million guests visited "The Fragile Paradise". A huge success!

And a very special record: with the enormous number of 1,000,000 visitors, "The Fragile Paradise" is one of the most successful exhibitions in Germany.
This is also thanks to the unique selling point of the exhibition: the gigantic globe. In the 100-metre-high room, the spectacular globe floats freely above the heads of the visitors and, as an animated projection, creates a total work of art full of visually powerful grace. No less popular are the around 200 award-winning photographs that document the rapidly progressing climate change and its consequences - for humans, kangaroos or ants - in larger-than-life size. And since records exist to be broken: "The Fragile Paradise" is open until 26 November 2023!
On Tuesday, 16 May, the time had come: the brother and sister Aleksandra and Michal Walocha entered the Gasometer together and were suddenly the millionth guests! There is a special story behind this, because the two live far apart - Aleksandra in Krakow and Michal in Düsseldorf - and visit each other only once a year. They received a tip from friends to visit the Gasometer - "you have to see it". So this morning Michal quickly looked up the public transport connections on the internet and then, when they arrived at the Gasometer, the big moment: "We were totally surprised and very happy to be the millionth visitors".
Of course, the special occasion was duly celebrated in the popular industrial monument. In addition to the Gasometer team, Daniel Schranz, Lord Mayor of Oberhausen, was also on hand to jointly welcome the millionth guests. Jeanette Schmitz, Managing Director of the Gasometer Oberhausen GmbH, was particularly happy: "We are already used to some records in the Gasometer, but such a large number of visitors is also something very special for us.

The Fragile Paradise

The first exhibition after the extensive renovation of the Gasometer shows until November 26th. 2023 the beauty of nature and the influence of man on his environment. "The Fragile Paradise" takes visitors on a visually stunning journey through the turbulent climatic history of our earth and shows in impressive, award-winning photographs and videos how the animal and plant world is changing in times of the Anthropocene.

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The Fragile Paradise - Trailer

The first exhibition after the renovation of the gasometer shows the beauty of nature and the influence of humans on their environment. “The fragile paradise” takes visitors on a visually stunning journey through the turbulent climate history of our earth and shows in impressive, award-winning photographs and videos how the flora and fauna changed during the Anthropocene.

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25 years exhibition hall, 16 extraordinary exhibitions

The Oberhausen Gasometer can look back on 25 eventful years as Europe's highest exhibition hall with 16 exhibitions and over eight million visitors. Already with the opening of the first exhibition "Fire and Flame" on 22 July 1994, the gigantic gas storage facility made a name for itself as a "cathedral of industrial culture". Many internationally renowned artists have been inspired by the unique spatial experience, including Christo, who used the Gasometer twice for his installations "The Wall" (1999) and "Big Air Package" (2013). The exhibitions "Sternstunden" (2009/10), "Wunder der Natur" (2016/17) and "Der Berg ruft" (2018/19) developed as real crowd pullers. The following video gives a complete overview of all 16 exhibitions of the past 25 years.